Wine and Women Fundraiser: Networking and Social

Join us to raise funds to support Kella Price, ABWA OPEN member in her District 2 VP candidacy.

This will be a fun event with networking, socializing, wine, and snacks. All proceeds go to support Kella Price as she runs for District 2 Vice President of ABWA. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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ABWA OPEN Presents Tracy Morgan Installing the New OPEN Executive Board

Join us for our monthly meeting featuring Tracy Morgan with The Executive Board Installation.

We will say thank you to our volunteer team who has served us this past year and hello to our new board members!

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4th Annual Emergent Leader Fundraiser

Learn Leadership Lessons From Anita Walker, PhD and Professor Emeritus & Suzanne Castle, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Creator.

Why attend our Emergent Leader Fundraiser?

– Advance your career to the next level
– Kickstart your career path
– Learn the mindset to start your own business
– Grow your current business
– Be inspired to grow through adversity

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