Outlook Positive Express Network (OPEN)

Addison, TX 75254

Wine And Women Fundraiser 2024

Join us for appetizers, networking, and games.

  • Wine available by the glass
  • Wine pull
  • Wine “decoding” game, wine ring toss, and more!

All proceeds benefit professional development and educational opportunities for women.

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Discover The 3 Missing Pieces To Client Attraction

You will learn how to:

  1. Become the go-to expert through the questions you ask.
  2. Understand that your ideal clients’ 3am question is key to engagement.
  3. Simplify and explain the customer journey, from their problem to your solution. And understand that it’s the key to unlocking more clients.

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Passion In The Workplace

Every individual has unique talents, skills, and interests, as does every business or organization. Each provides a unique value to its customers and to the world. That unique value is the company’s purpose for being. When you allow individuals to share their unique gifts to contribute to the company’s purpose, you create a culture of success. It speaks to increased engagement in your organization.

Learn how to help your company or organization reach peak success by infusing it with passion! In this presentation you will learn:
• Why passion is important in the workplace
• How to increase employee engagement in your organization
• How to create a culture of success
• How passion attracts customers and employees
• The process of creating a passionate culture in your organization

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